BMA~Techne offers technology business support and interim management and is your acces to textile research.
We build technology roadmaps and business cases that create strong business development projects.
BMA~Techne knows how to organize technology development, product design and marketing.
But we also do real development work and create products.

Our business

We combine internal and external knowledge and know how to create strong business opportunities.
We focus on innovation and R&D/product development for the following areas:

  • Textile industry: technical, domestic, consumer textiles, and fibre producers
  • Polymer- and chemical industry
  • Industrial and institutional cleaning and maintenance
  • Detergents industry
  • Knowledge institutes

Support & technical solutions

  • Improvement of sustainability profiles: recycling and biopolymers
  • Innovation strategy
  • R&D assessments and positioning
  • Processes, strategy development and project management
  • Strategy for product development: technology roadmapping, business cases and portfolio management
  • Technology assessment for acquisitions and mergers
  • Textile chemistry, digital printing and materials solutions

Product development

Product development is aimed at future profits, and is the most strategic activity of any company. It involves business management, marketing and product management, product design, technology development or R&D, and production/process technology. All these function have to collaborate in concert, internally and with external partners.

But is all starts with alignment of market demand and technology. Knowing what is going on in the outside world is vital for product development: changing customer demands, new market segments arising, and of course finding your way through the vast amount of research going on globally. All these items must be considered and assessed properly for application potential to meet your customers’ demands.

Building mental images based on market/customer scenarios and technology roadmaps are required to develop a useful product development portfolio. It requires a balanced mix of short, medium and longer term projects. Projects that are selected for the right reasons: People-Planet-Profit/Prosperity. Without profit expectations and solid value propositions nothing will happen.


The Foundation Reservefonds Textielresearch publishes a newsletter called TexAlert, which is published 4 times a year. In this newsletter the latest technologies en innovations within the textile industry are discussed. When you want to receive these newsletter, please send an email to c.lodiers@kpnmail.nl. Below the latest newsletters – only in Dutch available.

Stichting Reservefonds Textielresearch maakt al zes jaar lang de TexAlert, een nieuwsbrief die vier keer per jaar uitkomt met informatie over innovaties en nieuwe technologieën in de textielindustrie. Abonneer je op de nieuwsbrief door een mailtje te sturen naar c.lodiers@kpnmail.nl. Lees de laatst uitgebrachte versies op deze website.



BMA~Techne executes development projects aimed at improving product development performance. It offers technology and business support, and executes interim management assignments.

‘For good support we have to understand your market and the technology, both current and technology in development. We love developing real products and do so regularly as part of product development teams.’ 

We like working together and do so with many parties: Alconadvies, Texperium, Modint, textile research chair at the University of Twente: EFSM and EFSM UT , and OICAM

BMA~Techne was founded in 2000 by Ger Brinks. Brinks is professor for Smart Functional Materials at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Recent assignments

  • RVO: 
    – flexible digital textile production
    – stainless textile
    – textile in construction
  • SaXcell >>
  • TexEnergie >>
  • Xosoft >>
  • Cooling garment 
  • Going Eco, going Dutch >>
  • Textile in health care >>
  • Development of smart grids for texiles, biopolymers for textiles, recycling of textiles and digital finishing of textiles

Past assignments

  • Program management for the MODINT routekaart program.
  • Assessment of the energy efficiency effects of 4 proposed projects for the Dutch textile industry
  • Development of the HTSM roadmap for Eastern Netherlands
  • Member of the expertgroup for the development of the FTN/TKT technology roadmap for materials
  • Executing the AMMON program: business development to strengthen the Eastern Netherlands industrial infrastructure
  • Textile producer: Business development, R&D support, business development of 3D knitwear

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Career employed

Career employed

• R&D director Stork Textile Printing Group (part of the Stork concern)
• Divisional manager detergents R&D Unilever Research Laboratory, Vlaardingen (NL) and Head of Technology Options Unit at Port Sunlight (UK)
• Development Executive, Lever Industrial International, (nowadays: JohnsonDiversey)
• Manager R&D, Otares BV, part of Sara lee/DE.
• Section leader and Group leader in the section non solids of the pharmaceutical R&D of Organon International B.V. (AKZO Pharma).

Career self-employed

Career self-employed

• Director of BMA~Techne
• Global R&D director at Colbond (Now Bonar)
• Professor Textile Materials at the Saxion Hogescholen, Enschede. Part time function.
• Board member of the Foundation for Engineering of Fibrous Smart Materials, the industrial textiles chair at the University of Twente.



• Associate at Boer en Croon
• Cofounder of InnovationPower
• Cofounder of Perdix Technologies
• Former Chairman of the “Nederlands Textiel Insituut”
• Former Member of the board of Textile Research Association “de Voorzorg”
• Former International Network Advisor/chairman of the industrial steering committee of the European Textile Research organization Euratex

Résumé Ger Brinks >>


Ger Brinks
Wagnerstraat 4
7604 CG Almelo
The Netherlands

E gjbrinks@bmatechne.nl
T +31(0) 546 53 87 12
M +31(0) 6 22 90 17 77
F +31(0) 546 53 85 95


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